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Nov 13, 2013 5:00am PST
the northeast, we've been seeing snow in places like massachusetts, as well as in new york state, in d.c., as well. that's going to start to improve from thursday. we've got high pressure across much of canada and the u.s. today, making for some freeze warnings down in the deep south. your early hours of the morning, wednesday morning, very cold. from thursday, we should start to see things improving. some southerly winds managing to come up and temperatures will improve there. as for the northwest, well, you've got a small system coming in here bringing some showers for the coast and also up in the mountains. some snow showers. it's nothing very intense, but at the weekend there will be a more intense system moving in. down towards the southeast of mexico, heavy rain. most of it falling over the water, but coastal areas will be quite unsettled. wednesday, 5 degrees in toronto, as well as new york city. 8 degrees in d.c., chicago, 3 degrees, 9 in oklahoma city. these temperatures are set to improve from thursday and then into the rest of the work week. on into europe. and things are st
Nov 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
shaw-- who's the captain right here on the horse-- and the 54th massachusetts volunteer regiment during the civil war. anybody know what this might be made of? what's it look like? girl: it looks like copper. looks like copper? because it's shiny, or gold, yes. boy: looks more bronze to me. looks more like bronze. boy: plaster? plaster. very good. this particular piece is in plaster, and it was covered in many layers of paint, some layers of bronze leaf, some layers of gold leaf, and all kinds of waxes and synthetic coatings. but the unfortunate thing is that it was exhibited almost outside-- it had a 3-sided shelter around it in new hampshire at the artist's homestead. now, what do you think happens to plaster when it's outside? girl: it ages? it ages. it gets worn down. what would happen? why would that happen? what goes on outside? and this was in new hampshire. sturman: wind and rain, snow...sun... you could even get some animals climbing up on it. well, after almost 40 years outside in that condition, the piece was begiing to look very, very sad, and the national park service was l
Nov 29, 2013 8:00am PST
for slaves. those living in the west indies in massachusetts writing back to exactoverseers with very ascriptions of the age, gender, and type a personality they want . one writes, i lost my boy, meaning he died, and i want to replace them with another. therefore, you also end up with a slave trade across the atlantic which deals in human beings, but about 20% of which are children. i explore one of those voyages in the book in which dozens of children, some as young as two and three years old, are held captive on board and died over the journey. that was a living sting -- livingston investment, who go on to become founders of the professor endowment at yale, trustees at princeton and rutgers. not talked much about rutgers. tell us about rutgers. >> it is a fascinating institution for a lot of reasons. the original queens college which is a dutch reformed areege, the dutch colonists establishing their own constitution. as we all know, it is quite close to the college of new jersey. winston is originally founded in the eastern part of the state near newark and then the governor helps t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)